MSE - Basic - text version

Muscular Strength Exercise

Regular MSE training will not only help to give you greater strength and power, it will also help your body to avoid injury. In the off season two to three workouts a week is ideal and one is better than none. During the season, one workout is usually enough to keep your muscular balance in check. *This list is designed to compliment our program coaching and not be a stand alone training guide.

General Technique:

  1. Tempo: Always perform the exercise slowly in both directions. A slow count of three is a good guide. Pause at the top and bottom of each motion
  2. Range of Motion: Avoid fully extending and fully flexing your arms and legs - leave the joint still slightly bent or slightly open.
  3. Breathing: Exhale on exertion/inhale on recoil.
  4. Neutral Back: Unless flexing the torso, keep your back neutral.
  5. Weight: It's better to choose a light dumbbell (3 or 5lbs), and then choose more challenging body positions which require greater core activation.
  6. Volume: Shoot for one set of 15 repetitions. It's better to less reps and more exercises than more repetitions of fewer exercises.

Muscular Strength Exercises from our 2006 Base Training program

1. Push Up
Level 1 – on hands and knees, bend at waist
L2 – hands and knees, straight from head to knees
L3 – full military push up
2. Bent Row7. Hip Adduction
L1 – one dumbbell
L2 – two dumbbells in one hand
L1 – hands on wall for support
L2 – no support
3. Shoulder Press8. Lunge
L1 – normal position
L2 – stand on one foot
L1 – limited ROM*
L2 – deeper ROM
4. Biceps Curl9. Calf Raise
L1 – normal position
L2 – stand on one foot
L1 – Both toes at once
L2 – One foot only
5. Front Raise10. Crunch
L1 – normal position
L2 – stand on one foot
L1 – hands at side
L2 – hands on chest
L3 – hands at temples
6. Squat11. Back Extension
L1 – normal position, limited ROM
L2 – greater ROM
L1 – hands under chin
L2 – hands at side
L3 – hands at temples

*ROM: range of motion