Stretch Routine - text version

Stretch Routine

Here is the stretching routine we have been using in our Base Training program. If you have your own routine, double check it against this one and fill in any gaps there might be. Conversely, if you see something you think is missing or you would like us to add, let me know.

General Technique

  1. Move slowly into position.
  2. Stop when you feel tension in the muscle, not pain.
  3. Hold that stretch position for at least 2 (as many as 5) deep breathes in and out. Hold the stretch, don't hold your breath!

Stretches from our 2006 Base Training program

down to each side turn to each side
down to front chin tucks
Upper Torso
arm circles chest/biceps (hands folded behind)
double tricep (elbows up) back (arms hug in front)
chest (arms back)
side reach back roll
quad (foot up behind) adductor/ilia (sumo stretch)
ham (foot in front, bow forward) calf (push on wall)
gluts (figure four, cross-legged) soleus (foot under hip, heel down, squat)
ITB (standing, cross feet, lean over) tib-ant (shoe off, roll toes)
adductor (feet wide, shift weight to one side)