Just 'Tri' It — Triathlon Training for Beginners


Specially added for 2018, this class is dedicated to introducing new athletes to the wonderful sport of Triathlon!

For those who would like to ease into the realm of multi-sport — the OTC has always welcomed newcomers and now we have a class specifically for you to feel the most comfortable!

This is the OTC's signature program that trains you from start to finish with over 100 hours of fun training, guiding you to your goals.  If you're preparing for triathlon or running races this is the program for you.

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PLEASE SEND US AN This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. IF SPOTS FILL UP, AS WE WILL GLADLY CONSIDER CREATING AN ADDITIONAL TIMESLOT FOR SOME NEW TRIATHLETES!


  • Value: TWO OPTIONS
    5 month Base Training for only $499* PLUS FREE 3 month summer Race Training program! 

    Or try our value added monthly payment plan of $53.10* per month for one year which includes entry into one of our 1-hour fall programs.

  • Variety: A reserved spot PLUS unlimited drop-ins to all the other TTP classes

  • Awesome Rides: Specialized (and fun!) indoor bike training utilizing your personal heart rate zones

  • Functional Strength: Periodized functional strength, mobility and agility training (including use of our special outdoor training yard)

  • Run Training: We include brick (bike/run) workouts in the spring

  • Free Club Events: Time Trials, Group Rides, Aquathlons, Clinics, Socials and more

  • Your Questions Answered: Every week you'll see your coach and learn.  Plus, you have access to our immense online resources including training plans, videos and input from the OTC community

  • Social: More than all the above, here is the true key.  We are a community of friends.  We get the work done but we have FUN doing it!

  • Value Defined:  The TTP averages out to less than $7 per hour.  It's very important to us that our club is accessible to all while providing the very best in training.  

*plus HST.  

Full program details below.

History of the TTP

200px-dave scott pic smallAfter over 10 years in action, the TTP never stops evolving and this year is no different with a few tweaks to make it even better.  The program has been carefully created by us and combines not only 30 years of triathlon experience but the added guidance of some of the biggest names in triathlon.  Individuals like Dave Scott, Mark Allen, Paula Findlay, Cliff English and Cody Beals have all visited with us to share their knowledge and that knowledge has been incorporated into this awesome program.  Our goal is to give you what you need to succeed, and have fun doing it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Location All classes take place at our new headquarters at 10 Hamilton (near Parkdale).
Start Up All classes start the week of January 8, 2018.
Swimming The TTP is a dryland-only program. Our swim program is separate.
Workouts  One 2-hr workout per week for 32 weeks plus ability to drop in to more.
Bikes Our rides are on super smooth Lemond Revmaster spin bikes.
Running In the spring we add variable pace runs off the bike.

2018 Schedule


*SAVE*Sign up for a second class and receive a $50 rebate
(Email us after the two registrations to claim your rebate)


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TTP and Cast Iron:

$53.10 + HST 

Only $60.00 per month

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Pay in full and don't worry about setting up monthly payments

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Full Year Value:
A full year of training by our experienced coach's, OTC events, monthly clinics and workshops, in store discounts, a flashy OTC shirt, discussion boards, social events and more. And then factor in that you can do unlimited drop-ins.

*Didn't get a spot?  Email us to be placed on our waiting list. 

*We reserve the right to adjust the schedule based on attendance trends.

Included in all programs

  • Unlimited drop-in's to other/additional TTP studio classes (if there is a bike available)
    Come to the start of a class and if there is a bike free, it's yours. Last season there were only 4 occasions when riders did not get a bike. We publish attendance on the message board so you can get a feel for which class times have the best availability.
  • Periodized bike training program on the bike that builds your endurance, power, strength, speed and skill. It's a carefully planned progression that builds all important systems leaving you fitter than ever with increased aerobic capacity, lactate tolerance, power, and speed skills.  We target intensities the intensities that athletes need to develop and build them into our progressive plan.
  • High Intensity Summer Interval Rides.  We see it all the time - athletes that skip the hard indoor rides for time outside and end up slower in early July than they were in April.  Read more on why a one hour hard indoor ride each week is one of our secrets to success.  From Triathlete Magazine.
  • Lemond Revmaster spin bikes, the smoothest and most comfortable spin bike you've every rode.
    Click here for a look
  • Periodized Strength Program designed to help you avoid injuries, increase power, increase lean muscle tissue, burn more fat, and naturally elevate human growth hormone levels.  Our program changes each month to ensure you continue to become stronger and more balanced. Our equipment includes dumbbells, BOSUs, chin up bar, TRX, exercise balls, exer-bands, rollers and more.  Our program moves into our unique outdoor training yard in the spring.
  • Mobility program to enhance your range of motion and keep you injury free. From our early focus on gaining flexibility we always add a flexibility element to ensure that you remain loose and flexible to allow you to achieve ideal range of motion and avoid injuries.
  • PowerPoint talks or videos each week to educate and entertain.
    Our talks include the following: fat burning, building endurance, monitoring intensity, program planning, hydration, fueling, equipment and even the history of triathlon.
  • Regular evaluations of your bike fitness on our computerized testing bike.
    We carefully chose the Lemond G-Force to serve as our evaluation bike. You will have the opportunity to regularly to a self-test on the bike to quantify your fantastic gains in fitness. Watch your heart rate go down and your power go up each month. Nothing motivates like results!
  • Dynamic bike fit to ensure your own bike is correctly adjusted for your body.
    You will have the opportunity to bring your bike in to class and have the OTC Coach perform a bike fit for you. We'll check and adjust your bike to ensure you are in the most comfortable and efficient position possible.
  • Outdoor Group Rides in spring and summer. We'll meet at #10 and divide into variable pace groups then head out for some fun.  
  • Coached Outdoor Bike Cinics in spring and summer.  Our coaches will guide members through skills such as cornering, braking, descending, climbing, gear changing and more. Groups will then divide up based on pace and get in some fantastic rides.
  • Online workout log to help you create and track your training plan.
    We are very excited to offer our members a FREE online training log. You will be able to plan and track your workouts AND coaches can potentially review it all.
  • Team Shirt: Register by January 1st and get a free Team OTC shirt!
  • Unlimited email questions to our admin team.
  • Lots of fun and camaraderie as you train with a group of like minded OTCer's!
    Every year our family grows. We have a lot of fun together. Come join us.




*SAVE* Sign up for a second class and receive a $50 rebate
(Email us after the two registrations to claim your rebate)