Boot Camp

The most efficient workout you can do…in 50 minutes, combine cardio and strength with HIIT - high intensity interval training! Even great for cross-training!

With modifications for all activities, multiple fitness levels can be challenged!

Sessions will be action packed with enough consistency to see improvements but enough change to keep it interesting and progressive. We’ll be playing with all sorts of equipment – our custom-built jungle gym, climbing rope, tires of different sizes, sand bags, wobble boards, dumbbells and kettlebells, superbands…and the list of toys continues!

  • Heart, joint, and bone healthy

  • Strengthen the whole body, building lean muscle

  • Increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity

  • Improve lactate threshold and V02 Max

  • Fat burning both during and post workout (boosts metabolism)

We’ll always begin with PREHAB exercises to do what we can to promote efficient movement that’s safer for our bodies. Then, finishing with loosening up and releasing, you’ll walk away feeling released and energized!

Members: August 14
New Members: August 21

Classes will run from September 11 - December 16

new fall prog

Class: $179.00 (Less than $12.79 per session!)
HST: $23.27
TOTAL: $202.27


*SAVE*  Sign up for a second class and receive a $50 rebate
(Email us after the two registrations to claim your rebate)