PREHAB: To Keep You Out of Rehab

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PREHAB: To Keep You Out of Rehab

You can have strong muscles but if they don't fire correctly or don't move in the proper range of motion your body won't function to it's potential. In PREHAB, you’ll learn ways to prep your body to do whatever activity you throw at it using functional movement and mobility training.

Beginning with a personal FMS assessment (Functional Movement Screening), you’ll find your areas of imbalance and inefficient or unsafe movements and use mobilizing and neuropatterning progressions to get you moving well. Using multiple modes you'll learn how to loosen restrictions and awaken key muscles that might not be firing due to past injury or detrimental habits (like prolonged sitting).

Athletes - Lower your risk of injury and become more efficient at your sport!

Desk jockeys and movers alike – Decrease daily aches and stiffness!

Walk out of every class feeling free, breathing deeper and energized to take on the world!

The Functional Movement Screen
This seven step evaluation will help to uncover the mobility and strength issues that are often at the root of injury. Identifying then addressing these weaknesses will help keep you out of therapy and active in your sport.

Head Trainer: Jen Poth
Jen Poth holds a Kinesiology Degree from McGill University, is a Can Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer, and is certified to provide the FMS. She has years of experience in fitness and a wide range of sports: from track & field to cross-country skiing. This great depth of experience allows her to utilize a wide range of excercise modalities in creating a varied, progressive, and effective program.

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4-4:50pm Kids OCR     Kids OCR
5-5:50pm PREHAB   PREHAB  
6-6:50pm Boot Camp   Boot Camp PREHAB
7-7:50pm TTP Strength     TTP Strength
8-8:50pm TTP Strength     TTP Strength
9-9:50pm TTP Strength     TTP Strength


 Classes run from the week of June 5 to August 31 with one week off in July.

*SAVE* Add a second PreHab, Boot Camp, Yoga, or TTP class and receive a $40 rebate!
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