The number one benefit according to our members:

The chance to workout in a highly motivational environment with fun people and knowledgeable coaches.

Here are some more benefits:

  • Exclusive OTC Training and Workout Plans
  • Exclusive skills videos and other resources
  • Education resources that cover everything you need to know.
  • Group meetings with the head coach.
  • Preference in registration for our programs (they usually fill up quickly)
  • Secure online registration for all club business
  • Great sponsor discounts - visit our sponsor page to learn more
  • Club socials and special events
  • Member-only message board
  • Club email newsletter with announcements, events and news
  • Free workshops and clinics
  • Access to our great club gear


Thanks so much for the great classes and for a terrific introduction to the wonderful world of triathlon. (The coach)always had a great deal of enthusiasm which really kept the classes lively and fun... The sizes of the spin classes were perfect, not too big and not too small. I had expected the classes to be 5 minutes of teaching and then maybe 50 minutes of spinning to maybe some music but wow, your organization of the courses was fantastic.


I've really enjoyed my experience at the OTC: the spinning classes, the base n' race and the swimming. I've found the classes and the people exhilarating and always very supportive of my own personal goals. This past year I completed both a triathlon and a ½ marathon. I totally enjoyed both events and I'm keen to do more next year. A year ago I would not have believed that I would do either of those events.


I have never seen such an incredible improvement to swim in my life - not even when I was swimming competitively as a youngster!

Laura Jane

Thanks for getting me started, starting all these programs, motivating and encouraging me, and especially, somehow convincing me that I could actually do these things called triathlons. I can't wait for the next one!