Oct. 15 - The Theban Mile

Running + Strength = Warrior

Date: Sunday, October 15, 2017
Time: 10:30am
Location: Fisher Park, Holland Ave.
Registration: RSVP on the message board
Cost: FREE to members


The Thebans brought an end to the rule of the Spartans in ancient Greece.  This has nothing whatsoever to do with our event.  This is our inaugural mud run which may, in fact, be indoors and feature no mud.  The weather will decide that.  The event will combine running and muscular fitness and is a great goal for your winter calendar as it will motivate you to work on both.

How It Works

  • Bring running shoes and water bottle
  • Athletes will set off in heats.
  • They will do the following in order:
    • 20 burpees (no jump)
    • 409m run (one lap of the track)
    • 20 pushups (military, option for knee)
    • 400m run
    • 20 squats (right angle knee)
    • 400m run
    • 20 walking lunges (knee taps down)
    • 400m run
  • The strength exercises do not have to be done continuously.  Rest breaks are allowed though this will add to your overall time.  On the positive side, we will respect your sanity.
  • Officials will watch your strength repeats to ensure they are completed with proper technique.  Faults will result in a redo of that repetition, or tazer; athlete's choice.
  • Your overall time will be recorded so everyone can see just how much you like pain.

Questions?  Please ask them on the message board so all can share in the answer.