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    PREHAB: To Keep You Out Of Rehab

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    WE are Team OTC

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May 14 - Group Ride Tremblant

Tremblant Day Trip

Date: Sunday, May 14
Time: Meet 930am.  Depart on ride at 10am sharp.  Beer meeting at 2pm.
Location: Station Tremblant Main Parking Lot   Map
Subject to change.  Check the message board regularly in advance for any possible updates.
Registration: None but please RSVP on the message board thread for each event
Cost: No cost.  This is not a sanctioned OTC event but a member-led social outing.


A great chance to test our your hard-earned winter fitness with a 40 to 90k ride on the beautiful and challenging Mt. Tremblant 70.3 bike course.   This has quickly become a focus point for many of our members as we get out and enjoy our spring rides. 


Getting out there and actually riding a challenging course with the support of friends has done wonders for my confidence.


How It Works

  • All participants should read our group riding tips before attending.
  • In advance of the trip, there will be a thread on the message board to allow members to get a head start on connecting with others of the same ability and goal set.
  • Please also use the message board to organize car pooling.
  • Come with all you'll need: bike, helmet, spare tube, pump, tire levers, cell phone, money, water, sunscreen, snacks, maps.
  • The group will strive to have one rider in each group has previous experience on the course.
  • Meet in the main Tremblant parking lot at 10am.  Groups will form up and head off on the ride.
  • At 2pm the group will reform at Le Diable in the village for beer and poutine (or other snacks :)
  • Important: This is not a race it is a group ride.  Give and take on speed so you ride together and share the experience with others.  If you want to ride along, then go alone!
  • Route: Here is a map of the full course.  It can be separated in the following sections (approx. distances)
    • Station to end Montee Ryan: 10k
    • End MR to Labelle and back: 50k
    • Saint Jovite Loop: 10k
    • Station up Duplessis and back: 20k

Questions?  Please ask them on the message board so all can share in the answer.