Triathlon Coach Training

NCCP Community Coach Training: A new qualification as of 2008. This is a 14 hour weekend course focusing equally on ethics and liability and triathlon and is theory only.

NCCP Triathlon Level One: The older version of the Community Coach course. This was a 16 hour training course that resulted in certification and included active elements.

OTC Training:

  1. The vast majority of our team must first complete a full season in the TTP before becoming a coach. This 64 hour course allows them to understand all aspects of the sport and ensure sufficient proficiency is developed. We do make exceptions on occasion if the candidate can demonstrate the understanding, proficiency, and experience required.
  2. OTC Level One - Skills: Each fall the club hosts a 16 hour annual training course with a visiting coach. This is 100% triathlon content and is presented by a different facilitator each year, and we bring in the best. The list of visitors reads like a triathlon hall of fame: 3x World Champion triathlete and coach, Karen Smyers, .Dave Scott (6x Ironman World Champ), Mark Allen (6x Ironman World Champ), Sam McGlone (World Champ and Canadian Olympian), Cliff English (Former US National Team Coach), Sharon Donnelly (Former US National Coach), Paula Findlay (Canadian Olympian) and former Canadian National Team Coach, Phillipe Bertrand. This training results in the coach be certified as an OTC Coach - Level One - Skills. This certification is recognized by SportsCan, Canada's largest sport-related insurance company.
  3. OTC Level Two - Programming. We divide our training on the natural lines of skills vs programming. While our Level One does include some talk of programming, we have a separate 8 hour course focusing on setting up a training program, creating workouts, managing the program (adjusting to response) and working with the athlete. This is our Level Two certification.

What is an OTC Coach

An OTC coach:     

  • leads, inspires and guides our members
  • delivers fun, inclusive and effective classes while wearing the OTC coach shirt which is supplied by the club
  • supports and celebrate with our members at local events
  • helps to run some of our club’s special events where we all have a chance to further build our sense of community
  • learns during subsidized or free coach training including our October clinic
  • enjoys a free training camp in Lake Placid each June
  • trains as part of OTC programs at no charge (dryland) or 50% discount (swim)
  • enjoys special coach socials where the team is built stronger (and the head coach picks up the tab!)