FAQ's - Programs

  • This is my first time to the spin studio. What should I bring? +

    There is a recommended list of things to bring to your class on our New Member Page which is located under 'Join' on the website.
  • How do the drop in's work when I'm registered for TTP or TDF? +

    We recommend showing up to class 15 minutes early and letting the coach know that you're dropping into the class. The coach will let you know if and when a bike is available for you. We specifically set aside a certain number of bikes each class for drop in's. It's extremely rare that you won't get a spot.
  • I missed a Triathlon Training Program spin class or Tour de France spin class, can I go to another one that same week? +

    Absolutely! When you registered for our Triathlon Training Program or our Tour de France Program, you get unlimited drop in's with your registration. Just let the coach know that you're dropping in.
  • I'm going to be away, should I contact my coach? +

    It's not necessary unless you're planning to be away for more than a week or decided to drop in regularly to a different class. If you're injured and can no longer attend class for the remainder of the year, please contact your coach & the Administrator immediately.
  • I missed my swim workout this week. can I drop into another one? +

    For safety reasons & our agreement with the City of Ottawa pool contract, we can't offer swim drop in's to our swim program participants.
  • I can't remember when the pool closures are for my swim program. +

    Please check our website under Programs, Swim Program, for the scheduled pool closures.
  • Do you offer private swim lessons? +

    Private swim lessons are available from our OTC swim coaches as long as they are a current member of our OTC Swim Program. Fees & availability are up to the individual coach. Please contact the Administrator for more details.
  • I am a recreational athlete and I want to drop in to a 'Competitive' TTP class. Will I be okay? +

    Yes! All our Triathlon Training Program classes are the same workout and you still control the resistance on the bike & how hard you go. The only differences are that the athletes in the class have triathlon experience and the coach is assuming you have some of that knowledge. Please drop in and check it out! Just let the coach know you're coming from a recreational class.
  • I would like to order some OTC gear. When & where can I place an order? +

    We place several gear orders throughout the year based on demand. We do not carry an inventory. Generally, we have orders in April, June, and July. In order to get the best fit, we have a sizing kit available with the first order where you can try on the different pieces and different sizes. We also recommend using the sizing charts available online.
  • I would like to volunteer in the club. Who do I contact? +

    We would love for you to volunteer! You can post your availability on the message board or contact the Administrator directly.
  • My results from my race are not up on the OTC results page. +

    Results are automaticallly posted from races that were timed by Sportstats. If the race you were in was not timed by Sportstats please see the link below to add you're results to the results page.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1MtSuzssT-si8rdCxcOYuWvp0G7saMvoRfXQ1YqM30xI/viewform
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FAQ's - Registration

  • I am a current OTC member but new to the program I am registering for. When can I register? +

    We offer registration to our programming in three stages. First week is reserved for returning members, second week is for all other OTC members wishing to register, and finally the third week is open to the public.
  • My friend wants to try a spin class before they sign up, can they do that? +

    Due to insurance reasons, we do not offer drop in's to our spin classes. We highly recommend trying one of our one day clinics or seminars to try out the club. We're also at many of the local races so please don't hesitate stop by and introduce yourself.
  • The course I registered for hasn't started yet & I can't do it for unforeseen circumstances. Can I get a refund? +

    It is not our club's policy to offer refunds but under special circumstances, the Administrator in conjunction with the head coach, Geordie McConnell, may give a refund if the course has not started yet.
  • I'm injured and can't make my OTC training sessions anymore, can I get a refund? +

    As soon as you're injured or have a long term illness and can't make your classes, please contact your coach & the Administrator ASAP. We do not offer refunds but can give you OTC credits towards any other OTC programming or clinics from one year of issue. The Administrator keeps track of the credits but it is also the individual's responsibility to keep track of their credits as well. The OTC credits are not offered retroactively. They are only issued by the Administrator in conjunction with the head coach, Geordie McConnell. If we have someone one our wait list willing to take your spot, it's between you & the waitlisted individual to figure out payment. Simply notify the Administrator when the transfer has been completed.
  • I signed up for the 16 week TTP but now I want to join for the rest of the program until August. +

    We would love to have you join us for the remaining 16 weeks of the 32 week TTP Program. There are limited spots but you will be given the opportunity to register the week before it opens up to the public. Look for a registration notice via the OTC newsletter or by email.
  • I'm not currently registered for any OTC programs but still want to be a member. Can I do that? +

    We understand that some members move away or circumstances change where they can't join our programs but still want to be part of the OTC community & forum. You can join the OTC for an annual membership of $100. For this fee, you can attend all OTC member clinics, events, track workouts, get access to the message board, and order OTC gear.
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FAQ's - Internet Related Stuff

  • I'm registered. Do I get confirmation? +

    When you have registered and completed your PayPal payment, you will receive PayPal confirmation. You will also receive a Welcome Message.
  • I received my Welcome Message with my username & password. Where do I login? +

    You can login on the homepage of our website at the top right hand corner. When you have successfully logged in, the Message Board & Training Log will be highlighted yellow.
  • What is my username? +

    Your username is the email address that you used to register for your OTC programming.
  • I've lost my password! +

    Go to the homepage of the website and enter in your username (your email address) under 'Forgot login?'
  • I'm not getting the weekly newsletter. +

    Click here and enter your email address to start getting your weekly OTC newsletter.
  • I want to change my email address for the newsletter. +

    At the bottom of your OTC newsletter, you can click on the link that says 'Update Profile/Email Address' and make any changes you wish.
  • I no longer want to receive the OTC newsletter. +

    At the bottom of the page of your OTC newsletter, there is an unsubscribe option. Click to unsubscribe and it will be effective immediately.
  • How do I access my personal OTC Training Log? +

    Just sign in with your username & password at the top right hand corner of the homepage of the website. When you have successfully logged in the Training Log will be highlighted yellow. Click on the link and you will be taken to your Training Log. Your name should be at the top of the page.
  • How do I use the Training Log? +

    Click on this video to get some quick instructions on how to use the Training Log.
  • How do I sign up for an OTC Event? +

    You can RSVP on the OTC Event thread on the Message Board as soon as it's posted.
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