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Bike Fit Tip Video Some quick tips so you better understand the importance of proper bike fit.
Equip./Bike Buyer's Guide We produced this real-world buyer's guide for our site It has all you need to know about equipment for the sport.  See more info at the bottom of this page
Bike Maintenance Important considerations regarding the care for your bike including knowing the parts and how to change a tire.
Bike Skills An overview of the important skills every triathlon cyclist needs to possess.
Travel with Bike Some tips on flying with a bike.
Bike Measurements How to measure your bike so you can compare it to others including the Revmasters.

A Bike for Triathlon

  • You don't have to own a triathlon bike to take part in triathlon.
  • The vast majority of participants in local triathlons ride road bikes.
  • Tri bikes are designed for speed and to be rode on the aero bar.  For that reason, they are not quite as comfortable or versitile as a road bike which can be rode comfortably in a variety of positions.
  • Tri bikes are very fast and, if well fitted, faster than a road bike but start at around $2000.
  • Most tri bike owners also own a road bike.  
  • A road bike can be fast too but is more versitile and can be rode on an easy bike tour, down to the cafe, or easing along the bike paths.
  • Watch our video where Coach Geordie details the above points.
  • Read this article by pro Jordan Rapp about why you should own a road bike.

Great Bikes for Less Than $1000

As of spring 2015 you could buy some great road bikes for under $1000.  These bikes would have been considered technological marvels 20 years ago.  You will typically get the follow key features for a bike at this price point:  1) aluminium frame, 2) Shimano Sora group set (derailleurs etc), 3) maybe carbon forks (smooth the ride a little).  Also remember this: last year's bikes are basically the same but may be available at shops for considerably less than prices listed here. And, some of these brands have bikes with Shimano's Claris group set that are regularly priced below $900. 

2015 Buyer's Guide

Here is a list of OTC recommended products available at Fresh Air Experience on Wellington.

Bike - Under $1000:   
Bike - Under $1500
Bike - Under $2500
Trinity Composite 2
Giant Defy 3 - $881  Giant TCR SLR 2 - $1489 Trinity Comp 2 - $2199
Cycling Shoes   Helmet
IMG 20150410 150911 IMG 20150410 151120
Bell Event S $89.99
Light, strong, good looking
IMG 20150410 151716  
1. Shimano SPD $90 - Good all purpose pedal
2. Shimano SL 550 $110 - Solid road pedal
3. Shimano SL 5700 $160 - High performance Look Keo has a similar range.
In our studio we have SPD, SL and Keo and now Shimano.