Recipes - Drinks

Here are some recipes that have been discussed in our classes and training

Note: All measures, including calories, are approximate.

Basic Smoothie

Low Fat Milk (1%) 1.5 cup 150 20g 12g 3.5g
Orange Juice .5 cup 45 5g 1g 0
Protein Powder
(Loblaw's Exact Vanilla)
.5 scoop 35 2g 6g 1g
Frozen Fruit 1.5 cup 150 40g 2g 0
Nutritional Info - 380 calories 67g Carb 21g Protein 4.5g Fat

Homemade Fluid Replacement Drink (750ml bottle)

Orange Juice 1 cup (235ml)
Water 500 ml
table sugar 2 tsp (32 cal/32g carb)
table salt 1/8 tsp (pinch) 290mg sodium (1 tsp = 2325 sodium)
  • An advantage of this drink is your ability to fine tune the amount of carb (sugar) and sodium (salt) according to your taste and digestive system.
  • Method: Pour OJ into bottle. In a separate glass, dissolve salt and sugar in a small amount of hot water then add to bottle. Top up with cold water.
  • OJ Considerations: No pulp means no fibre to affect digestion. Low acid again helps GI function. High calcium improves nutrient balance.

Fluid Replacement Drink Comparison (750ml)

Brand Calories Carb Sodium Potassium Calcium Magnesium Vit.C Protein
OJ Recipe 122 52g 290 400 16 24 90* 2g
Gatorade Sport 195 60g 315 97 - - - -
Eload 162 42g 720 145 38 19 - -

(Unless otherwise indicated, all measures are in mg)
*100% RDA - denotes unknown