Travel with Bike

Here are some lessons learned by various individuals over the years

  • First and foremost: Caveat emptor. (buyer beware)
  • Air Canada usually charges $50 each way
  • Some say that huge heavy bike boxes will and have been treated more roughly by handlers because they are so difficult to deal with. For that reason, a lighter case or even cardboard box are favoured by some
  • Some prefer softshell for the lighter weight and easy storeage once bike is rebuilt. It can also go on some carousels in airports.
  • Some soft shells like http://www.akona are small enough that agents allow them through as normal luggage.
  • Planes can only fit so many bikes so if you're going to a big event check in early. Just because it's check in doesn't mean it will be on the plane.
  • Air France and KLM charge 150 (dollars from Canada but Euros (1.5x) from Europe)
  • In almost all cases it is not possible to pay for your bike in advance, you must pay at check in
  • Get policy in writing either from website or email before going to airport
  • Be aware that on multi-leg flights you may be charged for your bike on each leg. Make sure to check your bike all the way through at first check in.
  • If you are flying a return leg on a partner airline, there is no guarantee it will be the same cost.
  • In some cases, you can make a reservation for your bike.
  • Adding some light weight PVC around fragile bits like the derailleur can add protection.